Understanding DSLR Camera Modes & Settings

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Understanding the modes on a DSLR camera is probably the greatest barrier to any amateur photographer who wants to move further in their photographic journey. Modes are those things that we all know are there and that we should probably should be using more, but just can’t find the time or patience to wrap our […]

How To Adjust the Diopter of Your Camera

DSLR Camera Diopter Knob

With any DSLR camera, before you head out to do some serious shooting, you’ll need to make a few fine adjustments. In this post, I’m going to talk about one of those adjustments – how to dial in, or “calibrate” the diopter of your camera. What is the Diopter? First, I think it might be […]

Carrying & Holding Your DSLR Camera

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Whether you realize it or not, there’s more to carrying and handling your DSLR camera than meets the eye. I mean, sure, we all know how to pick our cameras up and walk around with them, but what if a scenario arose where you needed to quickly point at something to grab the shot you’ve […]

Learning the Best New Features of CSS3

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CSS3 has introduced many really neat features to the playing field, many of which were once (and still are) handled by image editors or JavaScript. And after toying with much of what CSS is now capable of, I have to say, the lines are getting fairly blurred. It’s almost like “coding” an image editor, if […]

PHP Code Used in WordPress

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Most of the PHP code you’ll need for your WordPress install can be found in the codex. The codex is simply a huge repository of instructions, code and support. It’s a wonderful place for WordPress developers to hang out because, not only does it contain much of what you’ll need to answers questions and solve […]

Layout Methods Using CSS

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If something is all the rage these days, it’s got to be website layout. I suppose layout has always been popular, but with Google’s recent “Mobile Friendly Update,” the topic of layout has increased in importance exponentially. I wish I had ridden that wave, because there was, and still is, tons of work to be […]

Working With PHP in WordPress


It’s the strangest thing – since I’ve begun delving into the world of coding, I’ve heard very little in terms of PHP. It seems that the majority of folks who are attempting to get into this field are more concerned with JavaScript, Python and the plethora of tools that emerge daily. That strikes me as […]