What is PHP?

Mac and Glasses

Developing for WordPress requires a working knowledge of PHP. WordPress’ core code is written in PHP and PHP is used extensively in themes and plugins. While developing in Genesis, the use of PHP is minimized, but a developer still needs to understand functions, loops and arrays. With this in mind, I decided to brush up […]

Using Sublime Text

Sublime Text

I’m in the middle of taking the “Up and Running with Sublime Text 2” course on Lynda.com with Kevin Yank and thought it would be a good idea to jot down (as a tutorial) the major areas of what I think is important. All too often, I take a course and have trouble retaining what […]

What is JavaScript?

Working on Computer

Technical people have got to be some of the most challenging types of folks to listen to while trying to learn about technical things. That’s a pretty big statement, but I think I’ve lived long enough to realize that it’s got some merit. I’m sure we can all remember back to high school or college […]

HTML, CSS, JavaScript – What’s the Difference?

Treehouse HTML Courses

I figured I’d give you a quick update regarding my learning with Treehouse. It’s been around a month and I’ve got some things to say. First, I’ll break this post down into categories by covering the classes I’ve taken so far. Some of the classes were review while some (most) were new and extremely valuable. […]

What’s Your Favorite Coding Text Editor?

Sublime Text Editor

There are a lot of text editors out there. Since I began looking for something to use in earnest, I’ve been sort of overwhelmed. I guess the days of Notepad are over. People have figured out better ways of doing things. If you ask any serious developer today what their favorite text editor is, three […]

Coding With Treehouse

Treehouse Homepage

I’ll be the first one to admit that my coding got away from me. I began developing websites way back in the late 90s and since then, I’ve sort of kept up with the industry, but…not really. I think this affliction is common among a few of us. Learn something, copy/paste, create a hack, borrow […]