Understanding Basic Camera ISO Settings

Understanding Basic Camera ISO Settings

In previous posts, where I covered the first two sides of the photography exposure triangle, I talked about aperture and shutter speed. In this post, I’m going to discuss the third side – ISO. In photography, ISO, in the most basic sense, is the camera’s sensitivity to light. ISO settings can generally range between 24 […]

How To Define Achievable Goals For Blogging

How To Define Achievable Goals For Blogging

So many things in life need purpose. Without purpose, it seems as though we can flounder for untold lengths of time. It’s only until we define exactly what we would like to achieve, that we can get down and make progress. In this post, I’m going to discuss blogging with goals in mind. When I […]

Learning About Photographer Ross Barclay

Ross Barclay

Today’s interview comes all the way from Dunfermline, Scotland and features an extraordinarily talented landscape photographer named Ross Barclay. What first caught my about about Ross’ photography was his use of low light and color. I’ve rarely seen anything like it before. In the interview, Ross explains some of his history and a few of […]

Interviewing Photographer Paul Antonetti

Paul Antonetti

I’ve recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing a very talented, experienced and thought provoking nature photographer from the great state of Illinois. His name is Paul Antonetti and his interests range from capturing the essence of his environment to deciphering what he’s gathered into a piece that we can all learn from and admire. […]

How To Use Your Camera’s Aperture Priority Mode


The most popular aspect of shooting in aperture priority mode on your DSLR camera is the ability to control your photo’s depth of field. For those of you who aren’t versed in photographer lingo, depth of field is the plane of focus in a picture. In other words, in any given photograph, it’s possible to […]

Understanding the Concept Behind Blogging


I’m a blogger. I blog. This is what I do. People ask me all sorts of questions that surround my line of work and I’m often all too excited to answer them. One of the most popular questions I receive is, “What is blogging? I mean, what do you do?” I get it. Not everyone […]

3 Website Link Building Tips You Never Thought Of

Butterfly On Bush

I’m going to throw out some pretty solid advice that may immensely help your startup (or languishing) website get off the ground. And it all has to do with link building. I’ve been working on websites since 1999. Back then, things were relatively simple. Search engines didn’t really know what they were doing and there […]

6 Amazing SEO Tips For Small Business

Hot Air Balloons

You don’t need to have a huge SEO budget to have a strong web presence. If done correctly, even the smallest of businesses can push their websites out to the right audience. All they need to do is follow some simple advice. This is a follow up post to yesterday’s “Link Building For Your Website […]