Accessing Quick Controls on Your Canon Rebel T7i

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There are tons of settings on the Canon Rebel T7i camera and some of those settings aren't too easy to access. I mean, they are easy to get to, but discovering that access route can sometimes be a challenge. While the Menu button is fairly obvious, turning the mode dial and then choosing some alternate way in isn't intuitive. In this post today, I'm going to show you an area that'll give you control over so many things, it'll make your head spin. It all has to do with the Q button. This button stands for Quick Control.

Turn your camera on and then press the Q button that's located on the rear of the camera, to the right of the LCD screen. Now, depending on what mode you're in, the screen will contain certain settings. If you're in one of the creative modes, you won't see nearly as many settings as if you were in one of the priority modes. For this post, I'll be in Aperture Priority mode.

Once you're in the Quick Control screen, you should see a box that's highlighted in orange. This is the active settings box. To choose a different box, simply press the up, down, left, and right cross keys. Then, once you're in the area you'd like to adjust, turn the dial that's located on the top of the camera.

Again, if you're set to one of the basic functions, like Landscape, Close Up, Action, or the like, you won't see many available settings at all. If you're in Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or full Manual mode though, you'll see quite a few available settings to alter.

Also, if you've got your camera set to one of the Guided display levels, you'll see fewer options, or I should rather say, more explained options that are larger and more easily understood. If you've got your camera set to Standard display levels, you'll see the plain options that are able to be quickly set. Down below, I'll give you the options you'll have the opportunity to set in while in the Standard display level.

- Aperture
- Shutter Speed
- Exposure Compensation/AEB Setting
- Flash Exposure Compensation
- Picture Style
- White Balance
- White Balance Correction
- White Balance Bracketing
- Auto Lighting Optimizer
- Built-In Flash Settings
- Auto-Focus Operation
- AF Area Selection Mode
- Metering Mode
- Drive Mode
- Image Recording Quality

You'll also see the Return button down at the bottom of the screen. You can press this to return to shooting mode or you can simply press the Q button again. You may even press the shutter button half way down to accomplish the same thing.
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