Animating Text in Photoshop's Timeline Panel

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There are many reasons you might want to animate text. One popular reason might be to include descriptions in a slideshow you're creating and another might be to include some text in the lower third portion of a video, sort of like they have in newscasts and that type of thing. Whatever the reason, animating text in Adobe Photoshop is a relatively simple task. It's not any different than animating any other graphic while working in the Timeline panel of Photoshop and all the traditional animation rules apply. Below, I'll give you a very brief overview of the process. For a much more thorough explanation of the process, please read my post that covers, in great detail, how to animate text in Adobe Photoshop.

Okay, here goes:

- Open your video file in Photoshop and make sure the Timeline panel is available as well.

- Create a new layer and write out your text on it. You'll likely do this with the Horizontal Type Tool, but you may choose another tool to do this as well. Be sure that your text layer isn't included in the video group that also exists.

- To animate opacity, move the timeline playhead to the position in the timeline that you'd like to begin your animation. Then, making sure the animation options are visible, click the small animation icon that sits to the left of the word Opacity. After that, move to the Layers panel and reduce the opacity to whatever value you'd like it reduced to. Most likely 0%.

- Next, move the playhead to the position on the timeline that you'd like your animation to end. Then, go back to the Layers panel and set your opacity ending value. Doing this will add another keyframe to the timeline automatically. This animation is completed, unless you'd like to add more of the same. If so, repeat these same steps.

- If you'd like to animate text size, move the playhead to the spot on the timeline you'd like the animation to begin. After that, click the small icon that sits to the left of the word Transform in the Timeline panel.

- Then, move the playhead to the end point of the animation. Use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+T (Command on Mac) to adjust the size of the text. To accept the change, press your Enter key. Doing this will create another keyframe of the timeline.

That's pretty much it. I gave you a simple rundown of the process of creating a text animation in the Timeline panel of Adobe Photoshop. If you'd like to add anything or ask any questions, please go ahead down below. Thanks!
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