Another Text Effect with Blend Modes

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I've got a neat text effect for you today. You can create this right in Adobe Photoshop in about five minutes. All it takes is the use of the Horizontal Type Tool, some blending modes and some paragraph alignment. It's so simple and I think it looks rather good.

Before I continue though, I'd like to mention that I wrote an entire post about this type effect on the blog. Please go ahead and check that out as well because I've included lots of screenshots over there. They help explain things.

Okay, let's get going. To create this type effect, I first wrote out some words. I typed one word and then hit the Enter key on my keyboard and continued typing in the same layer. This isn't important, but it's what I did. After the words were typed out, I assigned them a color.

After that, I duplicated the layer I just created and changed the paragraph alignment in the Paragraph panel to the opposite of whatever the first layer's was. So, in my case, the first layer was left justified, so this next layer was set to right justified. Then, I nudged the new layer so it sat on top of the first layer as closely aligned as possible. I also set this top layer to a complementary color, which is only sort of important. You can set this to any color after you experiment with some different looks.

And finally, I went though some different blend modes that I applied to the top layer. Each mode gave the project an entirely new appearance. Some were good and some weren't. In the example below, I ended up using the Multiply blending mode. Take a look.


I could have just as easily used the Overlay blend mode for a different appearance. And again, I could also change the colors of the text for something entirely new.


Give this a shot and let me know what you think. Also, if you have any input or questions, please comment below. Thanks!
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