Beginner Photographer Frequently Asked Questions

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I know so many beginner photographers and I would absolutely love to somehow transfer the knowledge of photography that I've got in my head into theirs. I find myself explaining things to them in an effort to help them understand, but sometimes I'm not that great with getting the proper words out. I find myself either talking too fast or forgetting critical areas all together. To deal with this, I've decided to hunt around the internet for what others feel are the most frequently asked questions from new or amateur photographers. So far, I have located two websites that have put together some pretty decent questions. I'll place them down below with links back to the original websites at which I found the questions. I may clean the questions up a bit because some of them aren't too clear.

So here's the plan. I read through the questions and answers on both of these websites and while I like and agree with some of what they authors shared, I disagree with the rest. Well, disagree may be too harsh of a word. Let's just say I think I can take my time to explain things more clearly and more thoroughly. What I'd like to do is take each of the questions you see down below and make an individual post out of it. Then, I'll link to that post from this page. Eventually, you should see each question as a link. If you read the question here on this page and would like to find out the answer, just click the link. It's that easy.

The fist set of questions I found at Clickin Moms.

1. What is manual mode? Do I need to learn how to use it?
2. How do I get the sharpest focus?
3. Do I need to edit all of my photos that I'd like to share or print?
4. What camera gear do I need to take the best photos?
5. What is a "pro"? Do all photography pros have their own business?
6. What is white balance?
7. What are the differences between JPG images and RAW images?
8. When is the right time for me to go into photography business?
9. How can I get started with taking photos of people? How do I get them to pose?
10. How can I best manage my life outside photography versus my photography life?

The second set of questions I found at TutsPlus.

1. What are megapixels?
2. What does ISO mean? How does it affect my photos?
3. What does shutter speed mean? How does it affect my photos?
4. What does aperture mean? How does it affect my photos?
5. How do I use ISO, shutter speed and aperture together?
6. Do I always need to use my camera's flash?
7. What is image stabilization? How does it work?
8. Do I need to own and use more than one camera lens?
9. What is and when should I use a telephoto lens?
10. What is and when should I use a wide angle lens?
11. What is and when should I use a macro lens?
12. What is and when should I use a fisheye lens?
13. What is and when should I use a prime lens?
14. What is digital zoom? How does it work?
15. How do I print my pictures?
16. What is a RAW file?
17. What is my camera's Live View?
18. What is white balance? How should I use it?
19. What is an ND grad (graduated neutral density filter)?
20. What is a UV filter? Do I need one?

Pretty good questions, right? I can't wait to start working on them. I fee like I'm chomping at the bit here. Like I said though, as I answer these questions, you'll see each one turn into a link. Just click it to get the answer.
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