Boats in Camden Harbor, Maine

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A few years ago, my lady and I visited Camden, Maine during the spring. The crowds hadn't arrived yet and the weather was simply glorious. We visited almost the entire town and captured hundreds of photographs along the way. Some of my favorite photos were taken in and around the harbor. If you've never visited, I highly suggest stopping by Camden. Really, any time of the year is nice, but spring time is beautiful. We've also visited during late November, which offered a more raw and rugged glimpse of an otherwise summer town. There was snow on the ground and all the boats in the harbor were wrapped up for the winter. Everything was still beautiful, just different.

Please take a look through a few of the photos I took during this trip. I'll describe the photos next. Hopefully my descriptions will be in the same order as the photos.

1. Looking out at Camden Harbor from the lawn behind the public library.

2. Standing out on the docks and looking back at the town of Camden over the harbor.

3. A view of the sailboats that are docked.

4. Three schooners docked in Camden Harbor.

5. A touring schooner sailing back into the harbor.

6. Same schooner making its way back home with tourists on board.

7. Two schooners docked in the harbor.

Let me know what you think of these pictures.


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