Bug in XenForo Text Editor?


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I think there's a bug in the XenForo editor. I haven't experienced this before the most recent upgrade to version 2.1.3, but I am experiencing it now. Well, I my have seen it happen before this version, but I am noticing it a lot these days.

Anyway, here's the bug. It's in the text editor. When I type a paragraph and then make a word bold or italics, and then press enter to start a new paragraph, the next paragraph is completely bolded and I can't turn it off. If I select those new bolded words and unbold them and then try to continue on typing, any new text I type will be bolded. The only way to get rid of the bolding at that point is to select everything that I've already typed by using the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut and then by pressing the Remove Formatting button in the toolbar. Here's an example:

This is the first line. I'll try bolding a word in it.

Okay, it didn't work that time. Let me try again. I'll try hitting Enter first to start a new line and then I'll return to the first line to bold and word and then return to the second line to continue typing.

Here is the second line. Ah ha! It worked. I have no idea why I'm so happy about this. I guess it just proves that I'm not nuts as bugs in software can make me feel.

Anyone else experiencing this?