Can Adobe Photoshop Convert Video File Format?


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My Canon Rebel T6i apparently only takes video in .MP4 format. I need a video in .MOV format to upload to iStock photo to try to sell some stock video footage. Last night, I imported my video file into Adobe Photoshop and attempted to export it in .MOV format. There were no options for that anywhere in the Render Video palette. Is there a way to convert the .MP4 video to a .MOV video once it's in Photoshop? Or do I need another service for that?

Also, does Photoshop work on .MOV video files at all? I'm wondering if I imported that type of video into the program and then tried to export it, the options would change to .MOV ones in the Render Video palette. This seems like what would happen, but I'm not sure because I don't have any .MOV video files to experiment with.

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