Can I Add a Watermark Overlay to a Video in Adobe Photoshop?

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Adding a watermark overlay to a video in Adobe Photoshop is extraordinarily simple. It's actually the same exact process you'd take to either create some text or a shape in a static file. The only additional aspect you need to concern yourself with is that the watermark graphics need to have the same duration as the entire video file has. So if you have a video clip that lasts for ten seconds, down in the Timeline panel, you'll need to make sure those additional graphics you add have the same duration. If you don't adjust those durations, by default, they'll only last for a short time. They'll definitely need to be addressed.

To add a watermark to a video, you can either drag over a graphic that's already been created in another file or you can create it right inside of the video file. I suggest you create the watermark in another file if you plan on using it repeatedly in many videos. There's no reason to start from scratch each time, especially when it only takes a second or two to drag it from file to file.

If you are creating the watermark inside of the video file, you'll need to create a new group in the Layers panel. Once that's done, you can write out your text and/or create your shape. Once those two are made, you can reduce their opacity, apply a blending mode and/or apply layer effects. It's up to you. I actually wrote a post that discusses adding watermarks to video files in Photoshop, so I encourage you to read that. The post includes screenshots, so it will most likely be very helpful.

So, to recap, if you create a group in the Layers panel to keep your watermark elements organized, make sure the duration of the graphics is that of the entire video and then apply some style to the watermark itself, I think you'll be all set. Again, read my post on this because it's much more complete than what I've shared here.

Do you have any advice or suggestions that pertain to adding watermarks or graphics to video clips in Photoshop? If so, please share below. Thanks!
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