Can I Change the Setting For How Long I Review a Picture on My Canon Camera?


I am getting a little tired of taking a photo with my Canon T7i and having that photo only show up on the rear screen for a few seconds and then disappear. Is there a way to change that so I can review the photo longer than only a few seconds? I have a Canon Rebel T7i. Thanks.
Yes you can. If you are in Live View mode and then click the Menu button on the back of your camera, you'll enter the settings area. From there, you want to use the arrow buttons on the back of your camera to find the screen that has the Image Review option on it. Use the arrow buttons again to go to that setting and then push the Set button to enter the options area. From there, you'll want to use the arrow buttons again to go to the option you want. The default is two seconds, but you can go with something longer. Most photographers use the Hold option because that one shows the image on the back LCD screen as long as you'd like. When you choose your option, use the Set button to change the setting. After taking a photo and you're finished reviewing it, you can hide the image by just half-pressing the shutter button and you should be all set.