Can I Select Dimmed Menu Items on the Canon Rebel T7i?

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As you browse around the menu area in the Canon Rebel T7i, you'll notice that some options are dimmed out and can't be selected. While the dimmed options totally depend on which mode you've got your camera set to, there's likely to be at least a few for every mode. Sometimes, these dimmed options are frustrating because the option may be something you'd very much like to change. Fear not though because the reason for the unavailable option can be discovered.

Most of the time, options in the T7i aren't available when there's another option overriding it. Other times, an action needs to be completed first before the adjustable option become live. For instance, I just flipped my T7i on and navigated to the My Menu area. I noticed that the Add My Menu Tab option was live, but the remaining three were dimmed out. When I navigate down to one of the dimmed options and push the Set button, an explanation appears. In my case, I clicked on the Delete All My Menu Tabs option and the message Not Available. No Tabs Have Been Added. appeared.

When another option is overriding the option you're interested in changing and you press the Set button to select the option, you'll be presented with a reason the option is dimmed. For instance, if you navigate to the dimmed out Long Exposure Noise Reduction option and select it, you may be presented with a message that says, Not Available Because of the Associated Function's Setting. Multi Shot Noise Reduction. So basically, if you wanted to change the setting of the first option, you'd first need to change the setting of the second option.

This feature of the Canon T7i is very straightforward. If an option is dimmed, you most likely need to cancel the overriding function's setting in order to make the option settable.

NOTE: Not all dimmed options will give you an explanation for being dimmed. Also, if you use the Clear All Camera Settings menu option, you can clear your camera's settings and make the once dimmed options available again, if overriding settings were the cause of them being dimmed.
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