Can I Set My Canon Rebel T6i So It Doesn't Rotate My Photos?


When I take a picture with my Canon T6i and then review it on the screen in the back of my camera, I notice that the camera rotates the picture automatically so it stand up straight. Since that makes the picture smaller, I don't want it like that. I'd like to keep the picture exactly the way it was when I took it. So if I take a picture while holding the camera vertically, I want to review the picture the same way, which is vertically. That would give me the large image playback possible.

Is there a way to change this setting?


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Hi Kristina,

The way you turn off the auto rotate feature on your Canon T6i (and other Canon Rebel cameras, such as the T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i and T7i) is to press the Menu button on the rear of your T6i. Then, go to the first wrench screen, which is yellow, by the way. That screen should have the Auto Rotate option on it. Navigate to that option and then click the Set button to go into that screen and then choose the Off option by using the down arrow button and then pressing the Set button again. This will turn this option off. If you'd like to turn it back on, follow the same instructions and choose one of the two options above the Off one. The top option will rotate your photographs on both your camera and your computer after you download them and the second option will only rotate them on your computer, but not your camera.

Good luck!