Can You Animate Scale in Adobe Photoshop?


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I recently wrote a post where I animated a layer's opacity in the Timeline panel in Adobe Photoshop. I was initially going to animate the scale of the layer, but soon realized that there was no keyframe available for that process. All that was available was Position, Opacity, Style, Vector Mask Position and Vector Mask Enable. I found this a bit odd, so I did some checking around.

Apparently, there's a bit of a trick to animating an object's or layer's size in Photoshop. I learned this after I wrote the post, so it doesn't help me much now. I figured I'd still share it here though.

In order to animate scale in Photoshop, you first need to convert the layer you'd like to resize into a Smart Object. Once that occurs, the Position property will turn into the Transform property. After that, you can scale all you want. Tricky!