Canon Rebel T7i Shooting Settings by Mode

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This is a very important point to understand. If you don't learn this early in during your photography career, you'll go a little nuts. Here it is. When you press the Menu button on the back of your T7i camera (or any Canon Rebel for that matter), what you see on the resulting LCD monitor will depend on what mode you're in. I'll give you examples below, but for right now, I'd like to offer a few bits of info for clarity.

On the rear of your camera, there are four areas that are heavily used and thus quite important to be aware of. First is the Menu button. That's located in the upper left corner. Next is the big screen on the back of the camera. When I refer to the LCD monitor or screen, this is what I'm talking about. After that is the Set button. This is located in the center of the four other buttons located over to the right and finally, we have what's referred to as the cross keys. These are the four buttons that surround the Set button. The reason I wanted to point these controls out is because I'll be talking about them and referring to them ad nauseam on this site.

Okay, onto the menu screens. Remember, what you see on the screens after you press the Menu button will entirely depend on what mode you've got your camera set to. There are three sections that control the menu settings. First are referred to as the Basic Zone modes. These modes include Scene Intelligent Auto, Flash Off, Creative Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close Up, Sports, Special Scene, and Creative Filters. Second are what's referred to as Creative Zone modes. These are indicated by the M (Manual Exposure), Av (Aperture Priority), Tv (Shutter Priority), and P (Program AE). And finally, we've got Movie shooting mode. For the first two sections, you'll use your top dial to choose your mode and to set your camera to Movie shooting mode, you'll use the On/Off switch to make the setting. It's one click past the On position.

I'll now turn my camera on and set the top dial to one of the Creative Zone modes. Then I'll press the Menu button and use the other dial to navigate to the first position in the red menu area. These are the Shooting Settings. I'll list what I see as menu options.

Image Quality
Image Review
Shutter Release Without Card
Lens Aberration Correction
Lens Electronic MF

Next, I'll set the camera to Basic Zone modes. Notice how a few of the options change.

Image Quality
Image Review
Release Shutter Without Card
Red-Eye Reduction
Live View Shoot

Finally, I'll set the camera to Movie shooting mode. Again, notice how the options of the same section change.

Movie Recording Size
Digital Zoom
Sound Recording
Lens Aberration Correction
Lens Electronic MF

And even when I'm in Movie shooting mode, the options depend on what other mode I'm in according to the dial.

The reason I'm writing this post is because I was personally confused for a very long time. I never realized that the menu options changed depending on what setting I was in. I always thought that menu options were menu options, no matter what. In actuality, they're fluid, which is pretty cool.
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