Chitika Out of Business? Email Says It's Shutting Down


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I just received an email about a half hour ago informing me that Chitika, a Google Adsense alternative, is shutting down after more than 15 years in operation. I haven't used Chitika in over a decade because I have gone with other advertising solutions, but I have had a positive experience with Chitika while I was working with them. I can remember "Jeff from Chitika" leaving me a voicemail about once per week for approximately six months, begging me to come back with their network. I never answered the phone because I knew it was him and he was a hard seller. That said, what a shame their closing down is. They offered a fine tuned and professional advertising solution.

This is actually a very abrupt notification and I was surprised by it. Like so many other internet companies, once the decision has been made to close the doors, that's it. It's over. Whoever was behind the curtain is long gone and the smaller internet entrepreneur is left to pick up the pieces of whatever is left. Lots of scrambling is necessary after a notification like this.

Okay, so what's the deal? Apparently, their shutting down is due to the termination of their relationship with their biggest exchange partner. In business speak, this means they weren't diversified enough to lose that partner. This is common in the business world and it's something every serious executive is acutely aware of and takes steps to avoid. Sometimes, certain industries are somewhat owned and operated by a few large players and the smaller ones get squeezed out. There's nothing they could have done. This is purely conjecture on my part, but the clues are leading me to believe this is what occurred in the case of Chitika.

If you're a publisher using this service, know that they will be 100% gone after April 30, 2019. You'll need to remove any of their ad serving code from your website before then. If you don't, that code won't do anything. It'll be invisible to the world.

Also, if you've accumulated earnings after March 1, those earnings are gone too. They won't be paid out, so you basically had ads showing on your website for nothing. This is a bit shady if you ask me. Chitika says that any funds spent on ads will be returned to the advertiser. How this can happen after the ads have already been displayed is anyone's guess.

If you do have a balance and it meets the payment requirements, you'll need to follow the instructions on their website to collect those funds. One last payment will be issued at the end of the month.

And finally, if you don't understand something I've written here or if you have any further questions, you'll need to visit Chitika's website and contact them.