coriolis effect


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When we visited Africa we saw many fascinating things to photograph. This isn't much photographically, just a bowl of water, but this photo explains one of the most interesting encounters we had. We stopped at a small village at Thompsons Fall's in Kenya. In this village, there is a line drawn on the ground, showing the exact location of the equator. A gentleman took a bowl , and walked about 2 feet north of the line . He put a matchstick into the bowl, and poured some water into the bowl. The match stick spun around the bowl clockwise.He then poured the water out, and walked 2 feet south of the line. He did the same thing, BUT this time the matchstick spun around the bowl counter clockwise. Of course someone asked "what happens if you do this right on the line?" He did the same thing, but this time the matchstick did not spin, or hardly moved. We were all amazed by this. We see this happen at home with the toilet, but to see this difference right on the equator was incredible.132 Coriolis effect demo copy.jpg


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Excellent post Herb. I've heard about this coriolis effect at certain places, but I've never actually experienced both directions like you have. Very interesting.