Creating, Altering, Copying & Merging Shapes in Adobe Photoshop

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Working with shapes in Adobe Photoshop is a lot of fun. I should know; I've been doing it for a very long time. There's a lot that can be done with shapes to create all types of graphics, but in order to go that far, you need to learn the basics.

I just wrote a post that talked about shapes. I covered some of what you'll need to know to get your feet off the ground in this respect. If you'd like to take a look at this post, please do so by clicking through below.

How To Work with Shapes in Adobe Photoshop

What I'd like to cover in this post is simple. I'd like to explain how to create a shape, apply attributes to it, copy those attributes to another shape that's already been made, merge multiple shapes on their own layers to one shape layer and then finally, how to separate merged layers so they're on their own layers once again. Each step I explain is very straightforward. There are no curve balls in any of this.

How to Create a Shape

- Click on any of the shape tools in Adobe Photoshop to activate that tool.

- Go up to the options bar up top, above the workspace, and apply the color, stroke color, stroke attributes and custom shape, if applicable.

- Draw the shape in the workspace.

How to Apply Existing Shape Attributes to Future Shapes

- Click to select an existing shape in the Layers panel.

- Draw a new shape.

The attributes that have been applied to the existing shape will be applied to the future shape if the existing shape is selected in the Layers panel. If no shape is selected, attributes will need to be applied to the future shape independently.

How to Copy Shape Attributes Between Shapes

- Right-click on an existing shape layer in the Layers panel.

- Click on the Copy Shape Attributes menu item to select it.

- Right-click on the target shape layer in the Layers panel.

- Choose Paste Shape Attributes in the menu that appears.

How to Merge Shape Layers into One Layer

- Select the layers you'd like to merge in the Layers panel.

- Go to the Layer > Merge Shapes menu item and click.

How to Separate Merged Layers

- Use the Path Selection Tool to select a shape.

- Go to the Layer > New > Shape Layer Via Cut menu item and click.

Once this is done, the selected shape should be in a layer of its own.

Obviously, working with shapes goes much further than this, but what I shared above should give you a running start. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help. Thanks!
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