Creating Selections From Channels in Photoshop

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I just finished up with writing a post on the blog. It had to do with creating a selection from a color channel in Photoshop. I wrote a lot in that post and thought that I'd come over here to offer a much more simplified process. Creating selections from channels is really easy and all it takes is one or two steps. Check them out below.

- Open a photo or graphic in Photoshop.

- Open the Channels panel by going to the Window > Channels menu item.

- When you see the individual color channels, click on one to inspect it in the larger image view in the workspace.

- When you're sure you have the channel for the colors you'd like to select, hold down the Ctrl (Command on Mac) key and then click once on the channel thumbnail.

- Doing this will create the selection for the colors in the channel.

Once the selection is made, you can do whatever you wish with it. In the post, I used adjustment layers to desaturate some colors and saturate others. It created a pretty cool effect.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please ask below. Thanks!
Creating Selections From Channels in Photoshop was posted on 10-13-2018 by JGaulard in the Post-Processing Technique forum.