Deer Farm Camps, Tufts Pond & Kingfield, Maine


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My lady and I traveled to Kingfield, Maine today for a photographic outing. We've been feeling restless lately due to the long winter and we had a strong desire to simply drive around looking for things to photograph. While I had a few ideas for what to do and where to go, I was partially flying blind. Since we've never been to the locations I was intending to drive to, I really didn't know what we were going to find. Both of us knew we wanted flowers and landscapes, but we weren't sure if we'd find anything worth taking pictures of. Luckily, we happened to drive right by a large field of Lupine flowers, visit a very nice campground and an equally nice lake in the mountains, as well as a few other things. We hit the jackpot today, which only makes me want to go out and do more of the same. Good thing I've got an awesome camera with a huge data card.

I'm going to share some of the images I captured today down below. While taking these, I experimented with the exposure compensation dial. Starting off, I noticed that my shots were exposing rather dark because of the very bright sky. To fix this, I increased the exposure compensation by one stop. That made the difference I was looking for. Also, I edited these photos in Adobe Camera Raw. The primary area of edit was the shadows. I pushed the Shadow slider all the way to the right in increase them as much as possible. I was in the mood for uplifting images, so that's the reason behind that. There was no odd mood I was going for. I wanted bright sunshine on a summer's day. Mission accomplished.

This first photo was taken right on the side of Rt. 27 heading north into Kingfield. It's actually on the property of Poland Spring. I thought the barn and house to the left of the field looked good, so I included them in the photo. These are the Lupine flowers I was taking about above.




After taking some photos of all the flowers (for about a half hour - it's never enough time), we headed up to Deer Farm Camps that sits approximately three miles north of Kingfield. There's a campground up in the hills as well as the most stunning pond you've ever seen. This is an old house near the entrance to the campground.


Across from the campground was a fairly large lake. It's called Tufts Pond. I'm not sure what the difference between a pond and a lake is, but this was a big pond.

This is the entrance gate and then below that is the dirt road that led to the small private beach.



There were tons of photo ops on the beach, but I decided to include only a few here. I have another blog that I'd like to use some of the other images for. This is the quintessential rowboat on the lake photo.


Finally, I have a few different images of some of the wood I found at the lake. There were all sorts of docks and planks to take photos of, so I decided to get creative. I hope you enjoyed these photos. Let me know if you like them.