Geodesic Solutions Facebook Connect Problem


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Using facebook connect on the last version of this software. I am trying to enable the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs in facebook connect. The manual says
"Within the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs setting pointed out in the above screenshot you will paste in the url mentioned in the first step above from within the settings page of the Social Connect Addon in your Geo admin tool. Pasting the url should be all you need do. To save click Save Changes button at the bottom right of the page "

However, no redirect URL shows to me? Anyone find that url? Example ?

No redirect link appears to me as in the manual
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I am not sure about any answer I can offer with this, but I do remember Geo telling me about them working on the Facebook Connect feature for their next upgrade. Of course, that was a while ago, so who knows when that will be out. What I am saying is that there may be a bug in the feature currently. Perhaps someone else knows something further than what I know.