Going From Photoshop to Camera Raw as a Filter


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Once I move from Adobe Camera Raw into Photoshop after I've edited a picture, can I ever go back to Camera Raw again to edit further? Or do I have to start all over again, and do all my edits in Camera Raw and then go into Photoshop? I heard there was a filter that would let me edit in Camera Raw after I'm already in Photoshop.


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You can either start off in Camera Raw and then jump into Photoshop like you said or you can start in Camera Raw, go into Photoshop and then go back into Camera Raw. I have a word of warning though; if you've already made edits in Camera Raw and then move your file into Photoshop and think you're going to go back into Camera Raw to adjust those active edits, you're mistaken. Once those initial edits have been transferred to Photoshop, they're akin to being flattened. They're uneditable.

If you suspect that you'll need to go back and forth between Camera Raw and Photoshop, you're better off opening the file in Photoshop originally and then converting your layer to a Smart Object. Then, go to the Filter > Camera Raw Filter menu option and entering Camera Raw that way. You can make all the same edits as you would normally, but if you do it this way, you'll be able to go back and forth between the two apps as many times as you want, and all of your changes in Camera Raw will stay live and you'll be able to edit them forever. This is the way I would do it personally.