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HI all, my name is Herb, and I am happy to be able to jump into this forum. I live on Staten Island, and have been interested in photography for many years ( far more than I dare mention). I am in a camera club on the Island, and enjoy the monthly competitions. I love my SONY alpha 77 Mll with a passion, as it has served me well. I used that camera on a recent trip to Kenya, & Tanzania, and coupled with my Sigma 50mm to 500 mm zoom I had a great photo trip.
Photography is not my only interest. I am also into kayaking, orchids, gardening, astronomy, fishing, play bagpipes, hiking, and of course traveling.
I am a retired New York City high school teacher having taught horticulture, small animal care, and science.
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Hi Herb!

I am so happy to have you on the forum. I am looking forward to learning about your photography experience as well as what you've done during your travels. It seems like you have some very nice equipment; my lady would absolutely love to own a 50-500mm lens. I bought her a Canon 55-250mm lens and she has a good time with that. She often mentions that she'd like more reach though. She's into bird photography like it's going out of style. You've got some other very interesting hobbies as well. Good times!

Welcome aboard and I'm glad you're here.

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