House afire !


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Sometimes a bit of luck is involved in photography. By that I mean being in the right place at the right time.
Many years ago, while living in Brooklyn, I ws painting my son's room. I heard a huge BOOM. I knew it was close, so I grabbed my old Minolta SRT-101 (film) and ran outside. The sky was filled with smoke. I followed it to a couple of blocks away, and came across this. The boom I heard was an explosion that a plumber set off in some poor guy's basement while working on the hot water heater. Miraculously, no one was seriously injured.
I have a print of this hanging in a hallway in our home. My wife hates it !
Too many years ago for any camera info to show up .***House fire.jpg


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That is an insane photograph! I have no idea what I would do if I ever saw anything like that. Talk about intense flames! That's great that you framed it. Shots like this don't come around very often.