How Can I Give a Photo a Star Rating on Canon Rebel T7i (800D)?

I have heard that I'm able to rate photos right inside of my Canon Rebel T7i (800D) and that those star ratings will appear and be searchable and sortable inside of Adobe Bridge and Lightroom. Is this true? If so, how would I go about rating a photo that I took?


I didn't even know the T7i had an image rating feature. I had to look this one up. You are correct, you can rate your photos right inside the camera and the system is robust. You can rate an individual photo as well as a range of them.

To rate a photo, review it in Live View mode. Then, press the Q button on the back of the camera. This will bring up a bunch of options. The one you're interested in is the star icon. Either use the up and down arrow buttons on the back of your camera to navigate to it or just touch it with your finger to activate it. Then, either use the left and right arrow buttons to naviate to the star rating you would like to assign to the image and press the SET button on the back of the camera to select it. Or, you can just touch the star you'd like to assign to the photo with your finger. It is touch screen after all.

With higher end Canon cameras, the rating button is actually a physical button on the left side of the rear of the camera, so it's much easier to assign a rating to your photos, but this way isn't too terribly difficult to manage.