How to Add a Tint Over the Black & White Adjustment in Photoshop

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I just wrote a post on the blog here and I figured I'd write up a quick summary of it here in the forum. Basically, I explained how to apply a Black & White adjustment layer and then add a tint to that layer, effectively coloring it somewhat. Then, I showed how to change the color of the tint, adjust the definition of the color by pushing the sliders around and how to adjust the opacity of the adjustment layer as a whole. Finally, I added some neat effects via the Multiply blend mode, which was super cool. The final photo looks very interesting. Check it out.


That's a lot more creative appearing than the original.

Here are the trimmed down instructions for what I did.

- Open your photo into Adobe Photoshop.

- Head up to the Adjustments panel and click the Black & White icon.

- When the Properties panel opens up, click on the Tint check box to apply it.

- To change the color of the tint, click the small colored box that sits to the right of the check box. Edit your color in the Color Picker that appears.

- To add interest, move the color sliders back and forth or use the Targeted Adjustment Brush.

- To adjust opacity to reduce the effect of the adjustment layer and tint, push the Opacity slider to the left in the Layers panel.

- To really change things up and to add cool effects, apply a blend mode in the Layers panel.

Ask me if you don't understand anything and I'll do me best to help. Thanks!
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