How to Add Transitions Before, After & Between Video Clips in Adobe Photoshop

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This is such a silly simple process that you're going to laugh at not knowing how to do it. Basically, the question here is "How can I make videos smooth? How can I make the first clip fade in, the last clip fade out and have the clips fade into each other as the video progresses?" Luckily, if you're editing your video in Adobe Photoshop, you can answer your questions and accomplish all these goals with ease.

After importing and positioning your video clips or images into Photoshop and on the timeline, all you need to do to add a "fade in" is to click on the small transitions icon in the Timeline panel. This icon is located to the right of the Play button and just to the right of the little pair of scissors icon. It's indicated by a square that's shaded diagonally.

When you click on this icon, you'll be presented with a panel that offers a few different choices for fades and transitions. You can fade, cross fade, fade with black, fade with white and even fade with color. If you're trying to fade your video in at the very beginning or fade it out at the end, you'll likely want to fade with black or fade with white. If you'd like to blend your clips together as they're transitioning from one to the next, you'll likely want to use a cross fade, although, you can fade in and out with regular fades in this type of situation as well. I've done that.

To actually add the fade of your choice to the timeline, click the one you're interested in that's inside the panel that just popped up and drag it down to the spot you'd like your video to fade. As you drag the fades onto the elements positioned on the timeline, you'll see small boxes that are outlined in black appear. Just drop the fade in one of those boxes.

To test out your fades, simply click on the playhead and drag it to the left or to the right. Or, you can click the Play button to just let the video play through. It'll most likely be choppy until the content is loaded into your computer's RAM, but just try to ignore that.

I wrote a more complete post about how to add fades and cross fades to video clips in the timeline panel, so if you'd like to learn more about this topic, please check that out.

Ideas? Thoughts? Please add them below. Thanks!
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