How to Adjust Camera Diopter

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When you look through your camera's viewfinder and see blur, your diopter may be out of calibration. To test this, first ask someone else to look through the same viewfinder. If what they see is sharp, then it's obvious that you wear glasses and you need to customize your camera for your own eyes. If what they see is blurry as well, then the diopter needs to be adjusted - period.

Now, when I say "what they see," I'm referring to the scene that you're pointing your camera at as well as the scene information that's located inside the viewfinder itself. Information like lens aperture, shutter speed and so on. Those small digital details should be just as clear as the scene itself.

Okay, so let's get to calibrating, or adjusting, the diopter of a DSLR camera. It's a very simple process.

Place your camera on something steady, such as a tripod or a table. You can even handhold your camera if you stay very still. Point it at something that includes detail, such as a newspaper, book or another object that the camera can easily focus on. Be sure the object is flat and that you're facing your camera directly at it. Placing the object against a wall is a good idea. Then, auto-focus the camera so it's locked onto the object. Look through the viewfinder. If what you see is crystal clear, there's nothing more to do. If the scene is blurry, but the scene information inside the viewfinder is sharp, you'll need to check out your auto-focus mechanics. Something may be off. If both the scene and the information are blurry, then roll the small dial that sits just to the right of the viewfinder until both are sharp again. This is the diopter adjustment wheel. When everything is sharp, you're finished.

If you wear glasses and you made this adjustment without your glasses on, you just calibrated your camera for your own eyes. It's likely that others will see blur when they look through your camera. This is to be expected.

Do you have more advice or suggestions on how to calibrate camera diopters? If so, please let us know below. Also, if you have any questions, please ask below as well. Thanks!
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