How to Attach & Detach a Lens on the Canon Rebel T7i

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Putting a lens on and taking a lens off the Canon T7i is super easy. All you need to know are a few things. An alignment here and a click there. But first, you'll need to make sure you've got the correct lens for the camera. Many camera brands and models require certain fitting lenses, so when purchasing a lens, make sure it'll fit the camera you own.

The Canon Rebel series uses EF and EF-S lenses, so again, when buying a lens for the T7i, check once and then check again that it'll fit. Also note that you can't use EF-M lenses with this camera body. Those don't fit.

When storing your camera and lenses, it's a good idea to, if you don't have a lens on the camera body itself, keep a cap on the body as well as both sides of the lens. When you're ready to attach the lens to the camera body, remove the cap from the backside of the lens as well as from the camera body. Then, take a look at both the camera body as well as the end of the lens that you'll be attaching. You'll see either a red index, a white one or both. To attach the lens to the camera, align those colors and then twist clockwise until you hear a click. When you hear that click, you'll know that the lens is firmly attached to the camera. From there, you can set your preferred focus mode and go out shooting. Just be sure to remove the end cap before you do this.

If you own a lens that's capable of zooming, you can easily do that by taking hold of the gripped part of the lens and turning it either way. This turning should be smooth and fluid, so if something isn't turning, don't force it. As you look through the viewfinder, you'll see your scene getting closer or farther away. When zooming for a photograph, be sure to focus your scene after you zoom in or out, as your zooming will immediately take your shot out of focus.

To detach the lens from the camera, hold the camera in your hand so you're looking straight at it, lens closest to you. Then, notice the lens release button on the right side of the lens. Press that button firmly in and then twist the lens counter-clockwise until the lens comes loose. Once the lens is off the camera, immediately attach the rear lens cap to make sure no dust gets on the rear glass. If storing the camera, also attach the camera body cap.

Here are a few need to know pieces of information when it comes to lenses and the Canon T7i Rebel camera:

- Never put the camera to your face and look through the viewfinder directly at the sun. You can damage your eye doing this.

- When putting your lens on your camera or taking it off, make sure the camera is powered off.

- If you've got your camera set to use the auto-focus feature, don't touch the lens as it's auto-focusing. There's an internal motor that's moving the focus part of the lens and resistance may damage the motor.

- The Canon T7i comes with a cropped sensor, so the field of view through any lens you put on the camera will be smaller than a full-framed counterpart. To calculate the actual field of view, simply multiply the mm of the lens by 1.6. So if you've got a 24mm prime lens attached to the camera, a full-framed camera will see the full scene. The T7i will see a reduced area that's equivalent to a 38m lens.
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