How to Change Ruler Tool Measurement in Photoshop


I am working in Adobe Photoshop right now and I am trying to measure a photograph that I have situated inside a greeting card that I plan on selling on Etsy. The greeting cards are white and the photo sits directly in the center of the front flap. Etsy is asking me for an exact description of the card and wants to know the measurement of the photo. I am using the Ruler Tool in Photoshop to measure, but the result is coming out as pixels. I would like to see inches. Is there a way to change this setting?
To change the units that Photoshop uses to measure, you'll need to go to the Edit > Preferences menu and then click Units & Rulers. Inside of the Units section, you'll see a drop-down box for Rulers. Click the drop-down box and choose the Inches option and then click the OK button. That's it!

PS - If you already have an active measurement in your workspace, you'll need to first clear it and then measure again for the change to take effect.