How to Charge the Battery in a Canon Rebel T7i/800D Camera

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I'll discuss two things in this post. First I'll talk about how to charge your T7i camera battery and then I'll talk about how to go about installing it and removing it from the camera itself.

When you receive your brand new Canon T7i, you'll find that the battery has a small orange protective cover on one side of it. This cover is to shield the metal contacts that reside on the end of the battery. You'll want to remove that orange cover. Next, plug the battery charger that also came with the camera into the wall. If your camera came with the LC-E17 charger, simply flip the prongs outward and then plug the charger in. If your camera came with the LC-E17E charger, then you'll want to attach the cord the battery charger came with to the charger and then plug that cord into the wall. Once that's done, place the battery into the charger. When you do this, you'll notice a small light illuminate on the charger. For batteries that are still charging, the light will be orange. For batteries that have been fully charged, the light will be green. According to Canon, an empty battery that's at room temperature will fully charge in about two hours. Charge time totally depends on what the air temperature is in the room the battery is charging as well as how much charge the battery still had left when it was inserted into the charger.

Tips for effectively using your camera battery:

- When you buy your brand new camera, the battery won't come fully charged. Be sure to charge it for a few hours before your first use.

- Since camera batteries lose charge just by sitting around, be sure to charge your battery fully before you head out into the field.

- After your battery charger indicator light turns green, remove the battery from the charger and unplug the charger from the wall.

- When you're not using your camera, remove the battery to preserve charge. Cameras consume small amounts of power, even when they're not in use.

- If you'd like to use your camera battery charger in a foreign country, you'll likely need to buy an adapter.

- If you find that your camera battery is draining relatively quickly when in use, it's likely that it's going dead, for good. You'll want to buy a new battery before your current one doesn't work at all.

Your Canon Rebel T7i comes with one battery. It's the LP-E17. There's really no way to screw up installing it in the camera as it only fits one way. But, to make things easier and so you won't have to try installing the battery multiple times, follow these instructions.

To install the battery into your camera, flip open the door on the bottom of the camera. Next, look at the battery and find the side that contains the electrical contact. That's the side that goes in first. If you push the battery into the slot and it doesn't go in all the way and make a click sound, you put it in the wrong way. Turn the battery and push it in again. If it's placed in properly, you should here a click and should see the small plastic clip on top move out of the way and then click back to hold the battery down in place. After that, close the door and you may use your camera.

To remove the battery from the camera, all you need to do is push the small plastic clip to the side and your battery should pop right out. It's that simple.

Here's a word to the wise. Never force anything on your camera or push too hard. If something is difficult to move when it's supposed to be easy, something is wrong and it needs further inspection.
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