How to Copy Camera Raw Settings Using Adobe Bridge


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One of the features I use a lot when working with multiple (similar) photographs in Adobe Camera Raw is the copy/paste settings command. This command essentially takes any edits that I've made to one photo in Camera Raw and applied to another photo that hasn't been edited yet. As you can imagine, this is a huge time saver when it comes time to work on those many, many almost duplicate photos I've taken all over the place. Sometimes I sit there and shoot at the same thing so many times, in an effort to get just the right shot. I love the fact that I can edit only one image and then simply copy those edits over to other photos quickly and easily.

To take advantage of this feature, simply open Adobe Bridge. Then, launch a photo into Camera Raw from that application. Edit that photo and then close out of Camera Raw (click the Done button). You should be back at your thumbnails in Bridge again. Right-click on the thumbnail you just edited and go to the Develop Settings > Copy Settings menu item and click. After that, right-click on the thumbnail you'd like to apply the settings to and go to the Develop Settings > Paste Settings menu item and click. You should see the thumbnail update with the edits that were made to the original image in Camera Raw. And if you open that new image in Camera Raw, you'll see all of the settings that were copied over.

Also, if you ever want to clear all the Camera Raw settings that have been previously applied, you can go to the same menu area and choose Clear Settings. If you want to clear the settings from multiple images at once, hold down the Shift key or the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then select the thumbnails. Then, right-click on one of the highlighted thumbnails and go to the Clear Settings menu item again.
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