How to Format the Memory Card in a Canon Rebel T7i

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This memory card formatting post is accurate for not only the Canon Rebel T7i, but for any in the Rebel line of cameras. Whether it be the T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i, or the T6i, the instructions for erasing the data card are essentially the same. They may be a few differences here or there, but it's a relatively simple process.

The question is, why would you want to format your camera data card? Well, there are a few answers to that. First, you may have recently purchased a brand new data card and you want to make sure it's empty and ready for use. There can sometimes be extraneous data floating around on the memory stick and you want it off. Second, you may want to clear your card of a large number of images you simply don't need anymore. Third, since many common deletion methods only have the camera write over old photos, which may leave some traces of data, it's important to do a clean format to remove everything that's been recorded to the memory card. Those old photos will be completely removed.

Just a word of warning before we get into the actual instructions. When you format a data card, all information on that card is removed, even protected information, such as photographs. So if you've protected your images from deletion, don't think they'll be protected from formatting. They'll be removed.

To format your Canon Rebel T7i's card, turn the camera on and then press the Menu button on the back of it. Then, navigate to the first option in the Set Up area. This is the yellow area that's identified by a wrench. You should see the Format Card option in this area. Navigate down to that option and then press the Set button to enter. To format the card, navigate to the OK button and either touch the button with your finger or press the Set button to execute the action. If you'd like to preform a low-level format, be sure that box is checked and then press the OK button.

The reasons I gave above for formatting a camera memory card were limited. There are actually a few more very valid reasons you may want to clear the card. They are:

- The card is brand new.
- The card was already formatted inside of a computer or a different type of a camera.
- The card is chock full of stuff, meaning photographs, data, and anything else you may want to clear.
- You're getting an error message when trying to use the camera. Sometimes by giving the card a quick format, you'll solve the problem.

What's a low-level format? This type of format is one that completely clears the card within all readable sectors. It's a more thorough type than the regular one we're used to. When you see your camera is operating and recording images slowly, you may want to give it a low-level format. Just be sure to remember that this type takes slightly longer than the normal one. Be patient. If you'd like to cancel the operation as it's in progress, press the Cancel button. When you do this, the low-level formatting will stop, but the regular one will continue and complete. You'll be able to use your camera once this is finished.

Also, as a quick side note, SD and SDHC type memory cards will be formatted in FAT32, while SDXC cards will be formatted in exFAT.
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