How to Increase the File Upload Size in cPanel


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It's very common to run into issues with a new website where you can't upload files (photos, videos, etc...) that are more than just a few megabytes. This typically happens with classifieds, forum and blog type websites. Well, any others too, but these are popular. Anyway, the problem is that your settings in your server's php.ini file are too low. It's easy to change them in WHM and cPanel though, so if you're interested, please follow these steps.

- Log into WHM.

- Go to Account Information > List Accounts and click the CP logo for the site you're interested in adjusting.

- Inside cPanel, find the Software section. Inside of that section, click the MultiPHP INI Editor

- In the drop-down on that page, select the domain name of the website

- Finally, increase the values of "post_max_size" and "upload_max_filesize" and then click the Apply button.

You want to change these two settings to values larger than the files you'll be uploading. Don't go too large though because your server may become bogged down if someone gets cute and tries to upload a mammoth file.

I hope this helps.