How to Reorder Layers in Adobe Photoshop

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I talked about this topic in the second half of the post I wrote yesterday. Check it out if you wish. I discussed both renaming and reordering layers in Adobe Photoshop. This post here will be about reordering layers only. I'll tell you how to do it below. If you would like to know why you might want to reorder layers, then you should read the post I linked to above.

If you'd like to change the position (order) of a layer in the Layers panel inside of Adobe Photoshop, the easiest way to do that is to click and drag the layer you want to move either up or down. As you drag and move the layer, you'll see a light blue bar appear in between the other layers in the panel. If you drop the layer while one of those bars is showing, that's where the layer will appear. Right where that blue bar was.

Another way to reorder a layer is to use a keyboard shortcut. To move a layer up by one position, use the shortcut of Ctrl+] (that's the right bracket) and if you'd like to move a layer down by one position, use Ctrl+[. If you'd like to move a layer all the way to the top of the panel, all at once, you can use Shift+Ctrl+] and if you want to move it all the way to the bottom, you can use Shift+Ctrl+[. It's that easy.
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