How to Set Minimum Shutter Speed For Canon EOS 80D

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Setting the minimum shutter speed is a good idea when you are using one of the automatic or semi-automatic modes, such as Program, Auto or Aperture Priority. Basically, any time your camera controls the shutter speed for you automatically, it can be helpful to set a "bottom" for that speed. Shutter speeds can drop substantially during some instances and you might not be expecting it to go as slow as the camera wants it to and as a result, you may end up with lots of blur in your photos caused by camera shake.

So essentially, the minimum shutter speed is the slowest shutter speed the camera will allow. For this option to be available, you'll also need to be using Auto ISO.

To set the minimum shutter speed for your Canon EOS 80D, please follow the instructions below.

- Press the Menu button on the back of your camera.

- In the "red" section of the menu area, navigate to the second position, or the number 2. This area is also referred to as Shoot 2.

- Next, navigate to the ISO Speed Settings section and then press the Set button to enter that area.

- Navigate down to the Min. Shutter Speed section and then press the Set button again to enter the area.

- Finally, choose your minimum shutter speed and then press the Set button once more to accept the changes.

- Exit the menu area and go take some photos.

Now, there's some confusion out there regarding this setting. Minimum shutter speed wasn't available on the Canon EOS 70D and isn't available on the 800D (T7i) or other cameras in the Rebel lineup. If you'd like to have this feature, you'll need to upgrade cameras. This feature is available on the Nikon D40 and other Nikon models, so you'll need to check with each one individually to see what's going on.
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