How to Set the Date, Time, & Zone on the Canon Rebel T7i

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After you purchase your camera and turn it on for the first time, you'll be presented with the Date/Time/Zone screen. There will be a few steps for you to follow in order to make these settings. Begin with the time zone in which you live and then move onto the date and time. When you travel to different time zones, it'll be easy enough for you to merely change the zone to which you traveled. In doing this, you'll keep all of your time and date settings and only the zone will have been changed. This is an easy way to stay current without having to make all sorts of cumbersome alterations.

To change or set the time/date/zone on your Canon T7i, turn your camera on and press the Menu button on the rear of the camera. Using the left and right arrow keys on the rear of the camera or the dial on the top of the camera, scroll to the second tab of the yellow section. This is the section identified by a wrench. Within this tab, you'll see the fourth option down labeled Date/Time/Zone. Scroll down to that section and then go ahead and press the Set button on the rear of the camera to enter it.

When inside this area, use the left and right arrow keys again to navigate to the time zone section. This area will likely be populated with a city name. When this section is highlighted, press the Set button again to enter it. By the way, since the T7i also offers a touch screen, you can touch all of these options with your finger to avoid having to use the buttons and dials on the camera. To set the time zone, simply scroll up and down the options until you see the zone closest to you. In this section, you may also set the time difference from UTC. Then, to save either of these options, either touch or navigate to the OK button and select that. The time zone and time difference from UTC will have been set.

After you press this button, you'll return to the Date/Time screen. To set the Daylight Savings option, navigate to that and make your change. This option can be identified by a small sun icon. Also, to change the date and time, you may navigate to these options as well using the same methods you used to alter the time zone. Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate to the variable and then press the Set button to enter the area. Once inside, use the arrow keys and the Set button again to make your change and then to record it. When you're finished with all your changes, navigate to or touch the OK button and you'll return to the settings menu. From here, to exit the menu section entirely, simply press the shutter button down half way.
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