How to Set the Language on the Canon Rebel T7i (800D)

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The Canon Rebel T7i offers 25 languages from which to choose for its display. That's quite a lot of languages, so it's important to choose one you're able to read while using your camera. Luckily, doing so is super easy.

To set your camera's language, turn it on and press the Menu button in the rear upper left corner. Then, use either the dial on top of the camera or the left and right arrow buttons on the rear of the camera to navigate to the second yellow option screen identified by a wrench. Then, use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate down to the Language option. When there, press the Set button that's located in the center of the arrow buttons.

On the next screen, you should see all of the available language options, from English to Francais to Nederlands to Dansk. To choose one of these languages, simply use the up, down, left and right arrow buttons to navigate to it. Then, press the Set button to accept your change. Once finished, press the camera's shutter button half way down to exit the menu area.
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