How to Set the Screen Display Level on the Canon Rebel T7i

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The Canon T7i comes with a few different options that have to do with how you view the LCD screen on the back of the camera. If you're a total beginner, you'll have the option of being guided through the process of using your camera and if you're a more experienced user and are someone who already knows how to use your camera, then you'll have the option of using much more straightforward screen options. Each screen the Canon T7i offers is beneficial in its own way, but by taking advantage of the guided options, a new photographer can learn quite a bit.

If you turn your camera on and then press the Menu button in its rear upper left corner, you'll see the menu area. Use the left and right arrow buttons in the back of the camera to scroll side to side. When you reach the light blue section that's identified by the Display Level text, you've made it. Next, use the up and down buttons on the rear of the camera to scroll through the different options. There are four of them; Shooting Screen, Menu Display, Mode Guide, and Feature Guide. If you scroll to each one and then press the Set button, you'll see the various options offered. I'll list the available options below.

Shooting Screen: Guided, Standard
Menu Display: Guided, Standard
Mode Guide: Enable, Disable
Feature Guide: Enable, Disable

To see what's available for each option, go ahead and choose it and then press the Set button again. Then, go out and use your camera to learn what each screen has to offer. As you'll come to find out, the Guided modes are much more about instructing and teaching the user while the Standard modes are more about quick and efficient navigation of the camera's systems. As you become more experienced with your camera, you'll undoubtedly find yourself becoming annoyed at the Guided screens and you'll likely turn them off.

It's also important to note that some of the menu and Guided screens vary depending on what shooting mode you're in. For instance, if you've got your camera set to Aperture Priority mode, you'll see one screen for a particular area. If you're set up in one of the creative modes, you'll see another.

Again, as opposed to going through every single nuance of the varied screens in this post, I encourage you to try them out for yourself. They're easy enough to find and set in the menu system and they'll only take a few moments to become familiar with.
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