How to Set the Touch Control Response for the Canon T7i (800D)

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The Canon Rebel T7i's touch screen is one of the coolest things going. I remember back when I had no touch control on my T2i and T3i. With touch being introduced in the later models, such as the T6i and the T7i, life has been good. I can use my finger to swipe, drag, or touch. It's so much easier to review photos and change settings with touch control, as long as you get used to it a bit. In the beginning, things move slowly.

Anyway, I wanted to make you aware of some setting changes you can make when it comes to the touch control response. There are a few different options available to us. That can make the touch response more sensitive, the same, or even unavailable.

Okay, to adjust the touch response control, turn your camera on and press the Menu button on the back of the camera. Then, use the cross keys or your finger to navigate to the Set Up 3 menu. This is the third yellow screen indicated by the wrench. Then, use the cross keys or your finger again to navigate to the Touch Control option. Press the Set button to enter the area.

Inside, you'll find three options. They are:

Standard: This is on by default. It's the standard setting.
Sensitive: This will make the screen more sensitive to your touch.
Disable: This turns the touch screen off.

The Disable option is pretty self-explanatory. The Standard option is as well. If you're not happy with the default setting, go ahead and navigate to the Sensitive option and then press the Set button to activate it. See how it works out for you. If you like it, keep it set and then press the shutter button half way to exit the menu area.

Here are a few notes for you when it comes to touch screen on this camera.

- The screen isn't pressure sensitive, so don't push on it, bang it, or use sharp objects in an attempt to get a response from it.
- If your fingers are wet, don't use the touch control system. Your results won't be as you think they'll be.
- If your fingers are wet and you do decide to use your touch screen and you get unexpected results, dry your hands and be sure to turn the camera off before drying the screen. If you don't turn the camera off, you may change a bunch of settings in the process of drying.
- If you place a protective screen over the LCD monitor, your touch may become less sensitive to the camera.
- If you've got the camera set to Sensitive touch and you touch the screen very quickly, you may experience some lag.
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