How to Switch the LCD Monitor Screen on the Canon T7i

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Again, this post isn't only valid for the Canon T7i, it's also valid for the T2i, T3i, T4i, T5i, and T6i.

What I'd like to cover today has to do with how to switch between screens on the back of this Canon Rebel camera. There are a few of these screens and it's actually very simple to switch between each one of them to view different information.

When you first turn on your T7i, you'll see the Quick Control screen. I've already discussed this screen in a previous post. If you'd like to turn the entire display off so the screen is blank, all you need to do is press the DISP (Display) button on the top right of the camera. If your camera's rear LCD screen is off or blank, simply press the DISP button again. It will turn back on. You can also turn the screen off by pressing and holding the shutter button half way down. When you let go of the button, the screen will come back on and return to its original state.

If you'd like to move between the Electronic Level and the Quick Control screens, you'll need to press the INFO button on the upper left portion of the rear of the camera. Continue pressing that button to toggle between those two screens.

To toggle between the menu functions area and the Quick Control screens, press the MENU button on the rear of the camera. Even when you're inside of the menu area making changes to settings, you can press the MENU button multiple times to return to the Quick Control screen. If you're deep inside the menu area and you press the MENU button once, you'll go back a step. To go back multiple steps, press the button multiple times.

If you'd like to review captured images, press what looks like a PLAY button on the lower right portion of the rear of the camera. If you'd like to return to the Quick Control screen, press that same button again.

To turn the rear screen on and off, press the MENU button and then navigate to the LCD Off/On BTN option and make your setting there.
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