How to Turn the Canon Rebel T7i On & Off

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While turning your Canon T7i on and off probably seems simple enough, there are actually a few areas of the process that I'd like to discuss with you. First is the actual switch itself that's located on the top of the camera. If you take a look at the round knob that's sitting on the top right portion of your T7i, you'll see all the mode symbols that are available to you. They're printed on the knob itself. If you look just to the right of the knob, you'll see the words Off, On and a small image of a video camera. These are exactly what you think they are. When the switch is located over the word Off, the camera is off. When the switch is moved to the On position, the camera is on and when the switch is moved to the video camera setting, the camera will be in video mode. More on that later.

When you first turn your camera on, you'll see some time and date settings. In later posts, I'll explain how to change the time and date for the T7i.

Okay, to operate your camera, turn it on. When you aren't going to use it for a long time, turn the switch to off. If you plan on using the camera, taking a short break and then using it again, leave the camera on and let it go to "sleep" by itself. Going to sleep will essentially turn the camera off until the shutter button is pressed. Once that happens, the camera will turn back on and will be ready for use. This is a battery power saving feature that's fully adjustable. I'll explain how to adjust that in a later post as well. Also, when pressing the shutter button to turn the camera back on, you'll only need to press it half way. That's all that's necessary.

It's important to understand that when you switch your camera to the off position, it won't always turn off immediately. If it's in the process of performing an operation, it'll first complete the operation before turning off. A good example of this is when someone turns their camera off just after snapping a photo. If the image hasn't been recorded to the memory card yet, the camera will complete doing that and then turn off. In the meantime, the camera will display a "Recording..." alert on the LCD screen at the rear of the camera.

Finally, when you turn your T7i on and off, the camera will automatically clean its sensor. You'll know this is happening by looking at the rear LCD screen and seeing a small cleaning symbol. When you turn the camera on, look to the lower right corner. You'll see the symbol blinking. When you turn the camera off, you can't miss the symbol. It's dead center on the screen. The camera cleans its sensor by vibrating it for a second or two. If you listen closely, you'll be able to hear it. Also, if you turn the camera on and then quickly press the shutter button, you'll stop the cleaning process and will be able to shoot immediately.
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