How to Use the Touch Screen on Your Canon T7i

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When teaching folks how to use their cameras, I tend to talk a lot about pressing this button or pressing that one. What I haven't discussed yet is how to use the touch screen that the Canon T7i comes equipped with. By touching or dragging the screen, you can save tons of time taking photos and changing settings.

Back in the post where I discussed how to access the Quick Control screen, I indicated that in order to access it, you needed to press the Q button. While that was certainly true, you just as easily could have touched the Q button on the LCD monitor on the back of the camera. If you simply touch the screen with the tip of your finger, you can reach the same set of controls. So basically, there are multiple methods for doing the same thing. You can use your finger to access different parts of the menu area as well. To enter the menu area, you'll still need to press the Menu button, but once there, you can touch and drag your finger to navigate the various sections. In order to select something, touch the screen once with your finger. To navigate to different areas, you may press and drag your finger. This will take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it very simple.

The Canon T7i offers lots of options to take advantage of by touching the rear screen. Here's a list of them:

- After entering the menu area, you'll be able to set controls.
- You can set all the Quick Control functions.
- You can also set various functions after pressing their associated buttons on the rear of the camera.
- If you're shooting in Live View, you can set the auto focus and shutter functions.
- If you're shooting videos, you can set the AF point selection.
- You can also set various functions while in Live View photography and movie mode.
- When accessing playback options, you can use your finger to navigate.

If you'd like to hear an audible beep when you touch something on the rear monitor, you'll need to set that option in the menu area. You can turn this option off as well.

Some items, such as options that use scales, will require that you drag your finger to set them properly. As I mentioned above, all you need to do in order to accomplish this is to touch your finger to the screen, keep it there, and then lightly pull it in the direction you'd like to make your change.
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