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I always wanted to try shooting hummingbirds, the absolute challenge to photographers.
My friend has many shrubs that attract these fellas, so we set up our cameras on tripods and waited.
I had my camera set to ISO 2000, f7.1,1/2000 sec, 500 mm (750 mm cropped) . It was a difficult venture, but I certainly am going to give it another try this season. Shooting at ISO 2000, I anticipated a bit of noise, but the SONY alpha 77m 2 handles it adequately, along with define 2 in the NIK program as a noisehummingbird.jpg reduction.


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Wow, great shot Herb. I agree - Hummingbirds certainly are tough subjects. I think you did a great job with this one. I love these shots because they show patience and skill on the photographer's part and there's nothing like a fast bird like this in flight.