Improve Your Photography by Changing Position


One of the toughest things to change in photography is position. For some reason, the human mind likes to stay put when it makes a decision. As much as we think we change, we stay the same more often then not. While that's fine in many situations, when it comes to photography, that's not the best course of action to undertake. Let me explain what I'm taking about.

A few weeks ago, I was out on a photo shoot. I had driven through the mountains and during the later part of the day, I stopped at a beautiful spot. The mountains were in the background and a long wooden fence wandered down the hill I was standing on, towards those mountains. I set up my tripod and began snapping photos. The only problem was, on the other side of the fence was a distracting sidewalk that showed clearly in the photos I was capturing. It ran right along the fence.

I'll be honest here when I say that I had some mental issues when it came to moving my tripod. I had already set it up in what I thought was the perfect position and to change that would somehow mean that I made a mistake. When I got over myself, I nudged the tripod towards the fence slightly and lowered a bit and by doing this, I completely hid the sidewalk from view. The top board of the fence completely covered it.

The reason I'm writing this post is to encourage you to stay flexible with your photography. Pretend that it's a dance and that you'll need to move as much as possible while engaging in it. This is easy when you're shooting handheld, but much more difficult when you're using a tripod. Getting that set up perfectly takes time and to notice something that's in the way at the last moment can be discouraging. Don't be discouraged. Keep moving. Reposition the tripod if necessary and keep your eye on the shot you want. Look for object that you do want in your shot to hide those you don't want.

Please let me know if you have any further suggestions for this type of thing. We could all use as many photography tips as possible. Thanks!