Is Geodesic Solutions Out of Business?


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Have you looked at any other alternative solutions ? are there any other ones as good as Geo but offer reliable services?
I have not, but if anyone knows of top-of-the-line alternative classifieds software scripts, I'd certainly be interested. Please list them in this thread if you know of them.

P Hebberman

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Good Day Guys, Pete here from Australia, i also run a website using this software, myself & my tech Guys have been frantically trying to contact Geo re updates & issues with SSL Cert while in " browsing Mode " these Guys have some of the best online classified advertising software on this Planet, it is a shame that they will not keep up contact with their existing users " At-least " !? Best Regards Peter Hebberman - From The Land Down Under

P Hebberman

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I found this, information was last updated - 18 / 2 / 2019 - i tried the phone number but it said it was not in service.
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