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We were getting worried, having spent a bit of time in the various game preserves in Kenya, but no leopards. We were told that once we get into the Serengeti, in Tanzania, we would find them. This one graced us with his presence.

In the evening, We returned to our lodge, on the Serengeti grounds. When dinner time, and night time approached, we were told to call the desk and request a guard to walk us to the dining hall. We did that. Some of the guards were armed, most not, but they all carried flashlights which they pointed into the trees looking for leopards. The night we were there at one particular lodge, a young elephant went through the grounds wrecking several small trees, and while we were having dinner, a cape buffalo walked over to the ornamental fountain, and started drinking.

ISO 400, 500 mm ( cropped 750) f 9.0 1/1000.

One may ask why, if the leopard is sitting there almost motionless, would I need such a high shutter speed. I learned very quickly, if I had to reduce entering light, do it with a higher f stop. You never really know when, and if the animal will bolt, and at that point I would not want to start looking for an appropriate shutter speed.

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Wow. I'm glad you finally got to see a leopard. This is an incredible photo. I couldn't imagine seeing that just sitting out there in the wild like that. We just looked out our window and saw a deer. It was an exciting moment. I can't even picture seeing one of these cats. Also, good call with the shutter speed. I agree that it was a very wise decision to crank it up to 1/1000, just in case you needed to capture it running. That would have been an excellent shot as well.