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I've been reading a lot about the differences between Adobe Lightroom Classic versus Lightroom CC. I know these are two applications that do somewhat the same thing, but that operate differently. There's a post on the blog that discusses the distinctions between the two versions of Lightroom. I know what they are, but what I'm more concerned about is the future of Lightroom Classic and the perception of what's going on inside of Adobe.

I guess the big questions out there have to do with Adobe stopping production of Lightroom Classic and replacing that entire application with CC. I've read through some comments on Youtube and a few other forums and people are very concerned about their workflow being altered. Needless to say, folks have become accustomed to doing things a certain way. Take a look at these comments:

Okay, this comment is about the name itself. I agree with this one. I was confused too until I started looking into things. Perhaps this is what's making people who use Lightroom Classic so nervous. Since the names of both applications are so similar, they think Adobe is going to allow one version to simply fade out of existence.

To have less confusion, Why didn't the name change to something like "Lightroom CC Professional" as the current LR. And "Lightroom CC Mobile" as the new version since it is more of a desktop version of LR mobile? Less confusion and self explanatory.

Users of image editing software really don't like confusion.

Adobe going full Microsoft on photographers.

This comment is totally the truth. You ain't editing and uploading full size RAW files into the cloud. That's for Classic only.

Sounds like lr cc is for cellphone photographers. I plan on getting a Fujifilm xpro-2 and they create 50mb raw files. Can't believe someone would load 100s files to the cloud.

It doesn't seem like Adobe is fooling anyone with the feature set of CC. Some folks things it's such a watered down version of Lightroom that it should be called "Elements."

It's clear when looking at the feature comparison table on The Lightroom Queen website that the new Lr CC is NOT for professionals or serious enthusiasts at all period. Lr Classic should have just kept the Lr CC name and the new Lr CC should have been called Lr Elements. That's what it really is. A watered down, feature reduced version of Lr that has cloud features bolted on.

This comment touches on what I mentioned above. That Adobe may phase out Classic altogether.

Why rename the desktop version as 'Classic' ? That usually means "old version we are not developing anymore" ??

And this comment pretty much says it all for traveling photographers or for people out there who live without blazing fast internet connections. Another concern is the safety and redundancy of the cloud itself. Are the files secure? If so, how secure? Photographers are very particular about their work, so it better be secure.

The problem with cloud-centric is that it requires internet connection. Fine for 1st world countries with fast/cheap broadband. The moment you lose internet access for any length of time, or are or off on lengthy assignments in any country that does not have fast internet, or has expensive data bundles, you are going to fail completely. I am definitely sticking to Classic (whether I like or not). Of course, if Adobe change again and try forcing users to the new CC platform in the future, then subs cancelled and I move my operation to another platform. Simple. Globalisation does Not mean all countries have fast broadband. Try going to some off-track place anywhere for a month and see how useful pure cloud-based is. As an aside, I also want to know what protections the pure CC users will have from Adobe being hacked again; from Adobe rights to your cloud photos; and what guarantees and recompense Adobe have in place should they be hacked and cloud data be deleted en-masse? I would have a lot more questions to ask, but am sure others could add anyway.

Okay, I guess I'll stop there. I know Adobe truly has to begin to move towards the cloud, but I guess my question is, why not merge all of these features into one application? Sort of like, flip the switch to store your files in the cloud or on your local machine. That sounds much more palatable for people, from what I've been reading. What's your take on all this? Are you happy with the desktop version of Lightroom called Classic or do you prefer the mobile version because you shoot and edit on the go? I'd love to hear from you.
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