Looking For a Good Recent Comments Plugin For Wordpress


Back a few years ago, I used to have a nice "Recent Comments" plugin for Wordpress that I would use to post the five most recent post comments in my sidebar. I can't seem to remember which one it was. I think it may have been part of a larger, more broadly featured plugin. It displayed the title of the post (I think), a snippet of the comment itself and a link to the post. I liked it a lot because it covered all bases.

Does anyone have any advice for a similar plugin? I'm currently using the one that came as a widget in Wordpress right now, but it only displays the person's name who left the comment and a link to the post. I'd like the comment snippet as well. Thanks for your help.


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I use "Better Recent Comment" on this site right now (IndustryDev). I like the plugin because there are some good options to it, including user avatars, comment date, comment snippet and link to post. The commenter's name is also included. Overall, good plugin. You can see it in action in the left column here.

Oh yeah, you can find the plugin here.