Looking For an Ad Placement Plugin That Can Post Between Excerpts


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This title probably wasn't clear. What I'm looking for is a Wordpress ad inserter plugin that can insert ad units in between post excerpts on the homepage, category pages, tag pages and search results pages of my Wordpress blog. I'm currently using the Ad Inserter plugin by Igor Funa and it's really great. The only problem is, it doesn't limit the ad placements between excerpts. If I choose the After Excerpt option while adding ad unit code, that ad appears after every excerpt on the pages I'm interested in putting it on. I don't want that. Since I only have ten excerpts per page, I'd like to have only two ad units appear on each page. Ten ads is too many and I don't think the Ad Inserter plugin I'm using can offer this functionality.

Does anyone know of any Wordpress ad management plugins that can accomplish something like this?