Man of Accompong Jamaica


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We went to Jamaica a few years ago. There is a village, Accompong which is completely isolated from the rest of Jamaica. It is made of the Maroons who are descendents of the slaves that broke away from the British . To this day, they still keep to themselves, inviting others in on Jan. 6th ( MY birthday) to take part in their annual calebration. We hooked up with Ken, a great guide who himself is a Maroon descendent, and traveled into Accompong, 2 1/2 hours from Montego bay, over the Cockpit Mountains, a rather wild ride over roads you might be afraid to walk on. My wife consented to this as my birthday gift.
I asked this man to please let me take a photo of him, and he consented. It is one of my favorite photos.C Maroon man .jpeg


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Great photo. I've seen some videos where the person in the video states that you'll never get those interesting photos of people unless you ask them if you can take one of them. Some people have it and some people don't. You obviously have it and this photo is proof of that. This is one for the books.